Yes, indeed, I finally got a job…and one I’m excited about. If you had asked me back when I was fired how long it would take to secure new comparable employment, I would have told you maybe a month. Two at most. I never, ever thought it would take almost FOUR months to find a good job in my field.


I had skills, experience, a solid resume. Hire me, already! But, no.

Here’s my job search by the numbers:

  • 41 online applications
  • 23 tailored cover letters
  • 16 weeks of unemployment
  • 5 job search sessions
  • 5 different resumes
  • 4 phone interviews
  • 4 online assessments
  • 3 in-person interviews
  • 1 job offer

Those numbers are just plain scary.

For a while I considered changing fields altogether and starting over or going back to school or running away from home. I re-wrote my resume and had it reviewed by a professional. I took classes at the unemployment office for interviewing, networking, and online job searching. I talked with numerous friends and family for advice and support. I poured over job search boards and tailored emails and networking sites.

In the end, I completed an online application for a job posting that sounded promising. Someone from HR emailed me to set up a phone interview. We spoke for almost an hour. She was fantastic and so kind. I met with two execs in person that same week, and had the job offer by Friday. It was a whirlwind. They wanted me. And I wanted them.

I had worried that when an offer came from somewhere (for I always believed one would come), it would be a job I didn’t really want. I would have to take it because it was the only option…it would be a company I didn’t like or a position I didn’t want or at a pay that would be too low. In the end, all my fears were allayed and I am super excited to start.

Being fired will always be with me a bit. A grey cloud hanging over my head, just in my peripheral. I know I will start this job with my professional naïveté dead and buried. I will keep my resume up to date. I will not assume I have job security.

But I will embrace this new start like a bandage ripped off, scar healing nicely underneath.