Can we just talk for a minute about the insane amount of things you have to do to apply for a job nowadays?! I haven't applied for anything (outside my previous company at least) in close to six years. Do you know how much has changed since then? How much I don't know how to do?

Let's start with the easy: a Google search. No problem here, I use Google almost everyday for any number of inquiries (mind you I have a highly inquisitive 5 year old):

How far away is the sun?
What are baby penguins called? 
What are stop lights red? 
Why do children ask so many questions? Am I right?!?

So, I do a Google search for jobs near me in my field. Ok, so there's more than just Monster and Careerbuilder for job search engines now. I try one of those and search again. Lots of jobs. Good. And bad. That's a lot of data to sift through, so I refine my search: zip code, key words, education level.

I see a potential posting I like and click. But first, the job site makes me sign up for their email alerts; I create a user id and passcode. Done. I'm redirected to that company's job page. But now I have to sign up to view their openings, too. 

Ok. Create another user id and passcode. But with numbers and letters, 8-15 characters long, one upper, one lower, one special symbol, but not that special symbol, user id can't be the same as your email address!!!!!!!! Really? Now answer some identifying questions: What was the name of your best friend in 3rd grade? What was the name of your first pet? What street did your paternal grandmother's favorite tv character grow up on? Yeah…sure. 

Thank God I have a notebook and pen. And patience

Finally, I get to the actual job application. Er mah gersh. The questions run the gamut from Have you ever been convicted of a felony? to What is your required salary? to Why did you leave your current position? (That one makes me cringe.) Twenty questions and answers later, I am asked to upload my resume. I have a resume. It's a nice one. Not too long, not too short. It highlights my skills and job history. But it's on a flash drive and I'm doing the application on my tablet. 

Off to the library I go. I log back in (thankfully having written down my shiny new user id and passcode) and try to upload my resume. The options are new to me. Dropbox? LinkedIn? Google account? I just have it sitting in Word. Ok. Open a Dropbox account. Another user name and passcode and more security questions.

Where's my notebook?

Like a dog chasing its tail, I do this all afternoon. Every job site, every company website. New user names, new passwords, new q&a. A lot of data. And each job application has different questions. Sorry, I don't know my actual start date for undergrad. Anyone? I don't remember my specific salary from 2010, just a ballpark figure. Um, I think I used that accounting software at one point in my career. And on. And on. 

I'm exhausted and have a loooooong road to go. I guess this is the modern day equivalent of "pounding the pavement" and handing out your resume. Thank God I don't have to do that (yet?).